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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Much smarter people than myself (and that’s almost anyone with a pulse) have already written many words about our governments plan on giving us all a tax rebate. I know that I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. In plain words, who do they think they are fooling? Now far be it from me to sniff at the amount of money proffered. As I understand it unless you are making elephant dollars you stand to get somewhere between $300 if you are footloose and fancy free and $1200 if you have a long suffering spouse. $1200 is a nice chunk of change. But hold on here a minute. It’s your money to begin with, right? I mean follow the logic here. If you pay your taxes on April 15th and the rebate comes through in May you are just getting your money back, right? I am not a financial genius but I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t save everybody time and aggravation never mind some money printing up all those rebate checks if they just didn’t take the money from us in the first place. Call it a tax discount or something. And here’s another little thought. I just filled my fuel tanks at the Rising ranch. Cost me well over $600 which is the amount that my rebate will be. I will in all probability have to do this again before May. I will do this unless a dark planet crashes into the sun or we decide not to heat our home in the coldest part of a Northeastern Pa winter. Both about even odds. So if the idea of the tax rebate is to stimulate the economy for me personally all it’s done is pay a bill I have to pay regardless. I wasn’t sure where the money was going to come from to pay that anyway. And in any case it will be long paid by the time May rolls around. Doesn’t it get cold in Washington? Don’t they have to pay a heating bill too? Silly me. We know who pays for that, don’t we? But I need to pay the man with the long hose and the big truck now!
It occurs to me that found money is not real money. Real money is the money you earn with the sweat of your brow and you watch where it goes real carefully. Found money like the tax rebate is like a windfall. You will be flush with it one day and wonder where the hell it went the next. And the other thought that occurs to me. If our country can run without my $1200 this year, can’t it do that next year too?

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Jim Rising said...

frick the IRS. frick the Fed. frickin mafia cartel, the lot of 'em. go Ron Paul.

no, really.

my wife's entire salary as a school teacher + an additional $20,000 of my earnings will go to pay taxes this year, all because i sold a business last year that i already paid income tax on TWICE while i ran it, (once as corporate income, and again as the only employee on payroll) and get to pay additional income tax on the sale of the business!

the upper 50% of wage earners in this country are all at least 30% slave to the bottom 50% of wage earners. think about that for a second. if you're in the upper 50% of wage earners, 30% of your earnings get redistributed to the bottom 50% of wage earners. how is that fair, if i work harder... work smarter... earn more... and the bottom 25% pay 5% or less of the taxes? homeowners pay 52% of their income on average in taxes, whether apportioned or not. 52%!!!

what is amazing is how little is actually done with all our money that really benefits anyone they are taking it from. what about the roads and infrastructure you might say? ... not paid with federal funds... roads are paid for by your state government from apportioned taxes.

what about education? don't we need the department of education? aren't they helping to teach our kids? no... the majority of the funding for state education comes from your local property taxes or local corporate sponsors. the $50bil a year going to the federal department of education goes to nothing more than to disseminating socialist agenda to our children though the development of curriculum and garbage programs like 'no child left behind'. all it's done is increase the number of forms that my wife needs to fill out. they've done nothing for teachers or education other than make it more difficult to actually teach.

what about the department of energy? don't they look out for us to make sure that we're not paying too much for oil and electricity? yeah... right. look at how great a job they've done! :)

what about the war on drugs? how's that going?

the only thing that the federal government was really designed to do for the people was to protect them and the constitution, and they aren't even doing that very well what with our military being spread into 150+ countries like a world police force. if we pulled our troops out of all of the countries where there is no longer any conflict with the US, maybe we'd actually have a standing army available to protect us here at home, instead of having to send National Guardsmen (who are supposed to only protect the homeland) to war to avoid a draft!

this whole tax rebate thing is so bogus too... we're at a $350bil+ annual deficit with another $1.3 trillion in the latest budget from Bush, and $200bil+ added to the current budget in Obama's and Hillary's proposed budgets, so where do we think the $ is coming from?

i'll tell you exactly where the $ is coming from... the Federal Reserve will borrow it against the further devaluation of the dollar, probably from China or Saudi Arabia. this means less buying power for Americans... and it's basically become the habitual method the federal government has used in order to tax us without actually taxing us (remember the 'no taxation without representation' thing?). all the countries with currency based on oil are dropping the dollar as their base currencies and moving to the Euro. China is looking at dumping it's US securities. investors (including myself) are putting more money into foreign investments than domestic. a quick look at the currency markets will show you how bad it's really gotten for the dollar, which has truly become nothing more than monopoly money lately.

100% of income taxes collected goes to pay interest to international banks.
habeas corpus is gone.
our foreign policy has turned to pre-emption / strike first.
our government abuses posse comitatus.
they refuse to protect our borders.
they have made federal IDs mandatory.

not to be Chicken Little or anything... but it certainly seems that the sky is indeed falling.

2000 years ago, a Roman senator suggested that all slaves wear white armbands to better identify them. 'No' said a wiser senator. 'If they see how many of them they are, they may revolt.'