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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Before I hear “Auld Lang Syne” tonight I wanted to take this time to think about the past year and give some thanks. Yeah, it’s been a tough year. Many many bad things have happened this year but I can’t help but feel that in most ways the equation of bad to good still falls down on the positive side.
#10 on my list of things to be thankful for in “09” “
I don’t work at one job I can get laid off from, downsized from, fired from or lose in anyway. I work at bunch of different things instead. It’s interesting and rarely boring.
#9. In spite of # 10 I have made it through the year basically debt free. When the phone rings it’s someone I want to talk to, not a collection agency.
#8. The cars start. They take us where we want to go and don’t leave us stranded. And they are paid for.
#7. The roof doesn’t leak. Well a little in my office.
#6. The oil tanks are full. The man who brings the oil is paid.
#5. There is always more food than we can eat. Lot’s more.
#4. I have enough money in my pocket that I can put some in every kettle I pass. A side note-to those who stole from the Salvation Army in Pittston. I hope that the money burns you in some way. And I have to wonder, why didn’t you ask for help instead of robbing the poor?
#3. I am healthy enough to shovel snow for four hours and not end up in the emergency room. Of course I feel like I have gone ten rounds with a twenty year old and not in a good way.

#2. My oldest son gifted me with the news that the Rising line will continue. Due date is March 2009. I always thought being a grandpa would make me feel old. It doesn’t. Those are my grandsons' feet to the right. His name will be "Haven" after a dear Uncle.

#1. The long suffering wife has once again stood by me in a year that could have been much worse than it was. That alone has made all the difference.
When I was in my salad days the song and the feeling “Give peace a chance” were both very popular. We were mired in war that was un-winnable and there was a great divide in the nation between the people in power and the powerless. Funny how things in 1969 and 2009 seem to be the same. The people spoke last year with a loud roar and the message was clear. Change.
So if there is a mantra for 2009 maybe it could be “give change a chance.” I hope I am not wrong. Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.

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