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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

If you started your New Year with resolutions you are today on day seven.
I started my program of self improvement for 2009 on Monday so I am three days in.
It sucks.
According to several sources these are the most popular New Years resolutions. Most popular? There is nothing popular about any of these ideas but none the less here they are in more or less order of “popularity”:
#1 Lose weight-Yup that’s me. And 63% of the rest of the country. Have a salad!
#2 Gain weight-Nearly 50 million of us need to. I am not sure if they count Paris Hilton but you get the idea. It’s as hard for those who need to as # 1 is for the rest of us.
#3 Get out of debt-First, kill all the credit cards.
#4 Save money-See above
#5 Get a better job-Better is relevant. And a better job often has less to do with more money than you might think.
#6 Get fit-Me again. I need to “fit” back in some pants. There’s a goal!
#7 Eat right-See the first resolution
#8 Get a better education-This may sound trite but I have learned more by teaching others than I ever would have on my own.
#9 Drink less alcohol-That glass of red wine a day? Downsize it a bit? Like my doctor once told me. A glass….not a bucket.
#10 Quit smoking-Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! Did that. Hardest thing ever, by the way.
#11 Reduce stress-Nice work if you can get it. Remember you don’t have to become the problem. Only solve it.
#12 Take a trip-Instantly I think of airplanes and bags and large hotel bills. But you could just go to a park. If they open any this year.
#13 Volunteer to help others-Donating time to a worthy cause makes you feel worthy. Give it a try.
#14 Be Less grumpy-Me? Grumpy? I’m not “Grumpy” I’m…I’m… independent!
#15 Be more independent-See, I told you.
#16 Watch less violence-No city council meetings for you!
#17 Learn something new-Sort of ties in with #8 but I think it can also be a skill. If I can achieve #’s 1, 3 and 4 I want to learn how to fly an ultra light plane. Since I am far from ultra light myself this may take some time. See # 1.
I had a boss once who said “measurement improves performance.” He was right and I think about it this way. To have a goal of “losing weight” is not as good or as doable as “lose a pound or two a week.” I can do that. Or then again, I could be wrong.

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