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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vince said it...oh never mind.

To the right you will notice a list of blogs and other places that I visit on occasion. One is Vince Sweeney's blog which is called "Vince Sweeney's blog." It's very well done. Vince knows a lot about a lot of things and it's always great to see what has caught his fancy.
Vince writes like I wish I could. His command of the King's English is breathtaking but then again he is also a fugitive from the media biz, no doubt schooled in the same crucible as myself so he comes by it honest.
Vince took note of the painful scribbling here in a recent post. There is no way to contact him via his blog so I will use mine as a tip of the hat to him. The blog that Vince was reacting to was my adventure in fixing my push lawnmower. Vince kindly ends his piece: "Jim spoke of his Dad and how he possesses his Dad's inability to to fix things around the house.
I say to you, Jim, you can drive a nail, turn a screw, change a bulb. And that, old radio pal, is one hell of a lot more than many guys can do. Over the years, I worked with plenty of them, men who never weighed the heft of a hammer in their hand, never felt their anger swell as a screw refused to be screwed, they knew not the tingly jolt of 110AC that only forgetting to cut power can bring. I know such men, Jim. They exist. They are among us.
You, you, fixed that lawn mower. Be proud!
Go out and buy yourself something manly...or go to Hillside and make it a double-dip. "

Well shucks Vince. You made me feel...competent or something. A feeling I don't, I must confess, often have. But you need to be further educated before you pass final judgement. So here posted in what I hope is chronlogical order for your enjoyment are the episodes in lawn tractor misadventures from the past few years.
And Vince: Shoot me an email. Pdjames@hotmail.com I would love to catch up!

I hope you don't mind I have also raided your blog for this singular photo artifact.
First of all a picture of DAVE LONDON! I think he is now in the witness protection program. But mostly for the shot of you, circa 1973 with Microphone in hand.

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