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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adventures in Lawn care-Episode Two

We cut the grass for the first time this year over the weekend.
I’d like to meet the guy who decided that we have to do this. Why is it that in order to be judged a civilized neighbor you mast have the grass in your yard trimmed regularly to an inch or so? But trim we must. So I spent the better part of My Saturday morning while I was waiting for the dew to dry on my lawn firing up and testing out the devices I would need to do the deed. Riding lawn tractor, self propelled lawn mower and weed whacker.
The first project is to get all these devices started. The proper storage method for anything powered by a gasoline engine is to drain the fuel completely out, put some stuff in the tank that is supposed to keep the lines clear and carefully store the item in a cool dry environment. Of course I do none of this stuff so I spend a long time trying to start the engines each spring.
Last year at the end of the season I treated myself to a new weed whacker. The old one was getting cranky about starting and there were some issues with the gizmo that feeds the line out. Issues like it wasn’t working. But the old memory isn’t what is used to be. So I wasted about an hour getting the old weed whacker to run. This involved approximately one thousand pulls on the starter rope. My right arm is so sore right now that even typing is making the muscles cry out in pain. After the one thousandth and one pull on the starter rope I did what every calm cool and collected mature homeowner would do. I threw the weed whacker at the back wall of the garage. Which as it turns out was a stroke of genius because it bounced and landed on top of the new weed whacker which started on the second pull.
In the process of unearthing all the current lawn mowing implements I found an old lawn mower that to put it mildly had seen better days. Although it started ok the self propelled mechanism had long since given up and it was much too heavy to push. I also discovered my old mountain bike. By old I mean I haven’t ridden it in twenty years. Both tires were flat, it had more rust then frame and the seat was moldy. Both of these items went to end of the driveway with a sign that said free on them. The mower was gone in an hour, the bike in about three.
My biggest fear. That they will reappear in the night.
Or then again I could be wrong.

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