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Friday, March 7, 2008


Why do I always seem to do things bass-ackwards? I spent a few hours of my life yesterday getting new tries put on my car. I went the entire winter on ones that were in the words of the tire service guy showing air. Now when we finally get a break in the weather I decide to put new skins on the family truckster? I should have my head examined.
What finally prompted me to do this? I had a chat with my brother about it the other night. He remarked that he usually waits until he can see the steel belts and then waits a little longer. His claim is that when the tires are down to the steel they get better traction. I went down to the garage after and looked them over. Yup, lots of steel showing. Not to contradict my older sibling but I know that’s just not a good thing.
It was not as expensive as I feared. I got prices over the phone and headed for the low ball one. Of course when I got to the counter they didn’t know anything about a tire for $80 but I prevailed and got it. That and an alignment and I left 4 Benjamin’s lighter.
But it was a nice sunny day for a change. About 40 degrees and so I sat outside while they (slowly) did the work and made some phone calls. The sun and reasonably warm air made me feel like maybe; just maybe we could be near to spring. Of course I know in my heart of hearts that it’s only a tease and we will soon enough get a blast of March winter to keep us in line.
It may be psychosomatic but as I drove home I felt like the car was holding the road better. It felt like it was, I dunno, Happy. Too much NASCAR where they always talk about fresh tires being so good I guess.
It may have something to do with the guy’s remark as he cashed me out.
He said “The tires that you had on the car?”
“Uh huh” I said.
“Those were May-pops.”
I said I was unfamiliar with the brand.
“May-pop at anytime!” was his reply with a har de har har.

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Donna T said...

May-Pops-- that is funny!!