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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Look out!

I have a terrible problem with my driving.
It seems that no matter what I try to do, from going really slow to swerving to coming to a complete stop- I cannot for the life of me avoid hitting potholes in the roads of NEPA.
It almost seems like my car has a magnetic attraction to them. And some of these so called potholes seem to be strategically placed so that if you miss one you cannot avoid slamming your Goodyear’s into another.
These potholes grow larger everyday. According to “T.R.I.P.” the road information program which is a Washington D.C. non profit that investigates such things, we pay on average in the country of about $400 a year to fix our cars after the roads beat the crap out of them. But wait-here’s some news-Pennsylvania cars need an extra $20 bucks on average because our roads suck so bad.
Do the words decaying infrastructure mean anything to you?


Jim Rising said...

Pennsylvania's state flower?

Orange Construction / Road cone.

State animal?
Construction horse.

wouldn't it be great if both were endangered?

Jim Rising said...
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