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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Radio tails part 1.

One morning I stumbled into the radio station, late as usual, to do the morning airshift. To get into the station you had to walk through the lobby, usually dark and empty at this time of the day.
As I hurried through the room I felt something wrong. Just one of those intuitions you get that something was amiss. I passed by the lobby’s comfy leather couches and noticed a guy sleeping on the sofa. Sound asleep, snoring in fact. It was dark and I didn’t get that good a look at him but I figured it must be a boyfriend of the overnight jock, Jennifer, who was on the air, waiting for me to show up. I sprinted up the stairs and burst into the control room, yelling: “I don’t want your boyfriends in here while you are on the air. How many times do I have to tell you?”
Jennifer looked at me wide-eyed and said “What are you talking about?”. “The guy passed out on the couch in the lobby!”. I yelled.
“I don’t know anything about any guy”. She said.
“Oh” I cleverly responded at a much lower volume. “Then who the hell is it?”
As it turned out the door had been left unlocked and a bum had found our couch and the warm lobby a great place to sleep off his mad dog 2020.
With the age that comes with wisdom and the slowly increasing amount of compassion I have for our fellow man I would now have called 911 and have the guy taken to the hospital or jail for his own sake. At the tender age I was at, somewhere in my late twenties, I just threw him out into the street. And in my true young and cocksure style I went back and yelled at poor Jennifer for not knowing she had an overnight guest. Fair? No! But don’t forget I was large…and in charge.

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