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Monday, April 7, 2008

Lecture 101

I hate public speaking.
This may seem odd to you since all my professional life I have been speaking on the air.
Let me tell you it's a big difference to me from cracking a mic on a 50,000 watt radio station heard in six states to standing up in a room with 20 people staring at me.
I get tongue tied, mu blood pressure skyrockets, I get the old "Flop sweat" running down my spine. My face turns red, my ears glow like Rudolph's nose and I stammer my way through it.
I have never gotten used to it.
It's very odd because I have NO problem teaching. In fact I love getting up in front of a classroom.
But put me in a room where I have to try and talk to strangers and I am a basket case.
Which makes this Wednesday a very uncomfortable day for me.
In this new "Carrer" I have embakred upon I will have to do some public speaking gigs. As a matter of fact that is a BIG part of what I will do to make my living from now on.
This Wednesday night is the acid test. I am speaking before a group that knows a lot more about my subject matter than I do. Except that I will be challenging some of their knowlegde with anecdotal knowledge and the research done by a M.D. who is somewhat of a heretic. Or he would be considered one if he was still alive.
And the man who has taught me all I know about this stuff. He's an over the road truck driver.
Boy! Am I nuts or what?

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