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Monday, May 10, 2010

Gothic Kittens Redux

The Gothic kittens’ case was disposed of the other day. When this first came to light I was outraged and wrote in this space about what I thought should happen to the person who committed this act on the kitties. It’s the only time I remember the editor of this publication suggesting I tone it down. That what I offered as punishment for this animal mutilator was, well, a bit extreme. We don’t need to go there. It was over the top. But I have followed this case and the surrounding controversies with more than a little interest. People brought up the point that if it’s ok to pierce baby girls ears than why the outrage over doing the same to a dumb animal. My question-who says it’s ok to pierce baby’s ears? I am in contact with many individuals who have all sorts of body decorations. Some so many that it looks as though they got into a fight with a nail gun and lost. I am certain that if we held down these pierce devotees and forced them to be ventilated that we would be swiftly arrested if not worse. My point is that it’s all about choice. The kitties and babies don’t have one when somebody handy with a needle comes at them. That makes it wrong. The woman who stabbed the kitties said at her sentencing hearing “I had no idea what I was doing was a crime. It was wrong, and I’ll never do it again.”
So she says now, while confessing she was only trying to “beautify” the kittens. She just does not get it. She also claims she really really loves animals.
Her sentence? Six months house arrest, some further time on double secret probation and she can’t operate her pet grooming business while being punished.
I wish I was a judge. Not because I want a big boat in Florida and a jet of my own. But because I could come up with a better sentence with one bribe held behind my back.
First thing that popped into my head is that since she really really loves animals that she should never ever be allowed within 100 yards of any. Like a child molester.
But then I had a second thought. This woman who put rings on kitty’s tails to make them drop off should be made to have more contact with animals. I say make her work, for free, in an animal shelter. Cleaning cages. Shoveling poo. Closely supervised of course. And I want her to watch every single instance where a puppy or kitty is euthanized. It might harden her heart you say? I think not. I could be wrong.

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